AxxonSoft support added to CheckMyCCTV™

AxxonSoft support added to CheckMyCCTV™

AxxonSoft’s state-of-the-art open-platform Axxon Next solution has been added to CheckMyCCTV™

As part of our commitment to expand the list of supported CCTV systems, AxxonSoft’s Axxon Next solution joins the growing list of systems compatible with CheckMyCCTV™.

CheckMyCCTV™ is traditionally used to monitor DVR and NVR systems, but as Installers and Monitoring Stations extend their product mix, VMS systems are seen as cost effective and flexible solutions for end-users.

CheckMyCCTV™ automatically runs a comprehensive list of checks on the Axxon Next platform, including:

Network Status – Ensures connectivity to the system.
Camera Status – Checks the status of the cameras connected to the system.
Image Check – Analyses if images have lost alignment, are too bright or dark, or out of focus.
Record Duration – Ensures the system is recording for the correct user-defined time period.
Recording Check  – Checks if the system is recording correctly.
Time Accuracy – Ensures the time and date on the device is accurate. …and more

These checks ensure that your customers’ systems are working and operating as expected in a fraction of the time it takes to manually check them.

For more information about AxxonSoft or Axxon Next, visit

To try CheckMyCCTV™ for yourself, and see how you can offer 24/7 CCTV checking for your customers, click HERE to register for a trial.

Viasec become CheckMyCCTV reseller for Australia and New Zealand

Viasec Australia We are delighted to announce Viasec Pty Limited have entered into a formal reseller partnership with CheckMySystems Ltd. to distribute our innovative CheckMyCCTV status monitoring solution across Australia and New Zealand.

CheckMySystems Ltd. are the world leader in the development of innovative CCTV status monitoring software, and under the agreement Viasec’s customers can offer their clients 24/7 status and operation monitoring using CheckMyCCTV.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director at CheckMySystems Ltd., commented, “CheckMyCCTV is used to monitor the status of over 10,000 CCTV installations across the UK, and is fast becoming the standard platform for many installers to provide a ‘proactive’ 24/7 maintenance solution, to supplement their annual service visit.”

By partnering with Viasec, we have a wonderful opportunity to deliver our CheckMyCCTV solution across Australia and New Zealand.”

Speaking of the reseller partnership, Luke Casey, Managing Director of Viasec Pty Ltd. comments, “We are delighted to be able to offer CheckMyCCTV to Integrators and Monitoring Stations across Australia and New Zealand.”

“As CCTV adoption becomes more widespread, it is ever more important for integrators to provide a maintenance solution which reduces their customers’ risk of faulty, damaged, or tampered CCTV systems.”

“CheckMyCCTV provides Integrators with a huge opportunity to offer a value-added maintenance service to their installations, allowing them to generate more recurring revenue.”

For more information about CheckMyCCTV or to book a 30-day trial in Australia or New Zealand, contact Viasec on +61 437 376 068 or email

CheckMySystems forms partnership with Mobile CCTV Systems

Mobile CCTV SystemsCheckMySystems and Mobile CCTV Systems are delighted to announce a partnership to provide remote CCTV diagnostic and integrity checking services to multi-vehicle installations.


Mobile CCTV Systems specialise in providing vehicle CCTV solutions for Commercial, Emergency Services and Military vehicles.

Speaking of the partnership, Duncan Ross, Managing Director of Mobile CCTV Systems Ltd., comments “Our customers may have many hundreds of CCTV systems in various vehicles over a large geographic area. It is essential to ensure that the CCTV system in each vehicle is operating correctly and hasn’t been tampered with or vandalised, but this is often very difficult to achieve.”

“The CheckMyCCTV solution provides our customers with remote status monitoring and reporting, ensuring that systems which are not operating correctly or are compromised can be rectified in a timely manner, rather than being discovered after a critical incident has occurred which wasn’t captured.”

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. adds “CheckMyCCTV is used to monitor over 6,000 static CCTV installations, and our partnership with Mobile CCTV Systems extends this support to provide diagnostic monitoring CCTV systems in vehicles”

“CCTV systems installed in vehicles operate in a much harsher environment than their static counterparts, and the cameras can be more susceptible to faults, tampering, and vandalism, so it is essential to ensure the integrity of the systems when they are in use. Mobile CCTV Systems have recognised this, and their CheckMyCCTV solution offers real peace-of-mind to their customers”

For more information about the CheckMyCCTV service from Mobile CCTV Systems Ltd., contact
+44 (0) 118 927 2137 or email

Visit Mobile CCTV Systems at 

For more information about CheckMyCCTV, contact +44 (0) 161 8706137 or email

Is your CCTV vulnerable to a network attack?

Connecting CCTV systems to the Internet is very common these days, it gives the user the ability to view and control their CCTV systems remotely.

However, we have found that a high proportion of internet connected systems are vulnerable to attack, either pre-meditated, or using automated ‘bots’.

Such attacks can render a CCTV system useless by either corrupting or deleting the settings, deleting video recordings, or preventing access to the device (Denial of Service attack). They can also be used to cause damage to other devices that are connected to the CCTV system.

In this blog I will highlight some potential vulnerabilities, and give you 5 simple steps to reduce the chances of your CCTV systems being attacked.

Why are Internet connected CCTV systems attacked?

It is unlikely that a hacker or bot wants to attack your CCTV system at all, they are more likely looking for web servers or file servers that they can gain access to.

Unfortunately, modern IP connected CCTV systems often have web servers and file servers built into them which are used to configure the system using web pages, display video images, or download archived video footage.

So even though your CCTV system may not be a prime target for a bot, it can still do some serious damage to your system if they can gain access to it.

How are Internet connected CCTV systems vulnerable?

There are many reasons why a CCTV system may be vulnerable to an attack. The most common being:

  1. The device responds to Ping requests.
  2. It’s using common IP socket ports such as port 80 (HTTP), port 21 (FTP), and port 23 (Telnet), or the default ports.
  3. A low strength password is being used, or the password has not been changed from the manufacturer’s default.
  4. The system is open to connection from any source.
  5. There are vulnerabilities within the DVR software/firmware.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are the most common reasons why internet connected CCTV systems are vulnerable.

How do I make my Internet connected CCTV systems less vulnerable?

In the first instance, it is worth addressing each of the points above to see if there are immediate issues which can be resolved:

  • Ensure the CCTV system does not respond to Ping requests – Ping is a method used to detect whether an IP device is connected online. If the DVR (or the router it is connected to) responds to Ping requests, it may alert potential attackers that a device  is available to attack. Turn off Ping response in the Router and DVR to prevent this from happening.
  • Change the IP port that is used to access the unit over the Internet –  If the DVR is using port 80, 21, or 23, see if these can be changed on the DVR itself. If that is not possible, change the router settings to use Port Forwarding, so that traffic on a specific incoming port number will be forwarded to the correct port of the DVR on the network. For example, you could forward any traffic on port 3080 to the DVR on port 80, so any external connection to the IP address on port 3080 will get through, but connections to port 80 will not. You can find out more about Port Forwarding HERE
  • Change the password on the CCTV System– ALWAYS change the manufacturer’s default password. Also, have a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and digits to strengthen the password, for example “A$kMe” is much stronger than “askme”. You can check your password strength HERE
  • Configure your router’s Firewall – Do you really want to allow anybody on the Internet to have access to your CCTV system? The firewall within your router will allow you to limit access to your CCTV to certain IP address ranges or MAC addresses.
  • Ensure that the firmware on the CCTV System is up to date – Manufacturers may address any security or vulnerability issues with newer firmware, always ensure you have the latest firmware to ensure that you have added protection.

There are other methods of increasing security of your Internet connected CCTV systems which are way beyond the remit of this blog, but by implementing these five simple steps, you can reduce the chances of your CCTV system being attacked.

One thing to remember is that a CCTV system is basically a PC, they may not look or operate like one, but underneath they will be running an operating system which may well be Windows or Linux based, meaning that they are vulnerable to the same sorts of threats as desktop PCs.

It’s worth bearing in mind the next time you put one of your customers’ CCTV systems online.

CheckMyCCTV makes Quantum leap

Vista QuantumCheckMyCCTV – the unique CCTV status monitoring solution – has added support for all Vista Quantum CCTV systems, including the Eco, Plus, 960h, and NVR models.

Installers are benefiting greatly by offering their clients remote CCTV status and diagnostic checks using CheckMyCCTV software, especially over installers who are offering only annual maintenance visits as their service provision.

By supporting the whole range of Vista Quantum products, our customers can now add new and existing Vista Quantum CCTV systems to their CheckMyCCTV status monitoring service, providing their customers with the reassurance that their CCTV is operating correctly and response they require when it isn’t.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems comments, “We have supported Vista Quantum DVR products for some time, but we’ve been getting more and more requests to support the Quantum NVR as installers shift towards IP based products”

Adding “Our integration with all Vista Quantum platforms means that Vista customers can choose the appropriate system for their clients and still provide proactive status monitoring using our CheckMyCCTV software”.

For more information about Vista Quantum products can be found at

For a FREE trial, or information about CheckMyCCTV and how it can improve your maintenance service, please call +44 161 870 6137 or Contact Us

Are your CCTV systems being tampered with?

CCTV TamperingWe have had increased number enquiries from customers who suspect their CCTV systems have or are being tampered with or vandalised to prevent the detection of criminal activity.

CheckMyCCTV is designed to ensure CCTV systems are operational 24/7, but in many cases it can also detect if the system has been tampered with using the same checks.

Typical ways a CCTV system may be tampered with include:

  • Disconnecting a camera.
  • Unplugging the CCTV from the network.
  • Moving or obscuring a camera.
  • Switching off the system.
  • Changing the time/date on the CCTV system.
  • Switching off or deleting the recording.

Each of these anomalies can be checked automatically using CheckMyCCTV every hour of every day, allowing users to remotely detect whether a CCTV system has been tampered with or developed fault.

Customers who manage or maintain remote multi-site CCTV systems will benefit from CheckMyCCTV tamper detection monitoring to ensure their systems are operating as expected.

CCTV systems are often only checked or maintained once a year, giving the perpetrators ample opportunity to render the CCTV system useless by switching it off, moving the cameras, or otherwise tampering with the system.

Let CheckMyCCTV perform daily tamper checks on all your remote CCTV systems and alert you to suspected tampering activity or faults.

If you would like to discuss how CheckMyCCTV can ensure your systems are operational 24/7, please contact us on 0161 870 6137 or email


Justice Security uses CheckMyCCTV to provide proactive CCTV Health Monitoring

CheckMySystems Ltd. has signed a major deal to provide UK installer Justice Fire and Security with the latest version of its innovative CheckMyCCTV health monitoring software solution.

CheckMyCCTV is designed to automatically identify and report specific CCTV issues, whether it be a camera, hard disk, recording, or network connection failure.

Following the agreement with CheckMySystems Ltd, Justice Fire and Security will be offering CCTV health monitoring to all of its customers. The Birmingham-based installer, which also operates ten additional branches across the UK, sees the diagnostic capability unlocked by CheckMyCCTV as an important enhancement to the professional and proactive service it provides for its CCTV customer base.

Justice Fire and Security already has a strong focus on best practice as a member of the BSIA, a founder member of NSI with NACOSS Gold for electronic security systems and works to the BS8418 standard for detector activated CCTV systems.

Dave Sanders the Managing Director, and founder of Justice Fire and Security is enthusiastic about the potential operational benefits of CheckMyCCTV: “In my view, rolling out CheckMyCCTV is going to make a tremendous difference to what we can offer our customers. At a practical level it means that we now have access to up-to-date information, around-the-clock, on the status of our customers’ CCTV systems. By receiving instant notification of specific failures action can be taken in a timely manner to get things back up and running.

“Before adopting CheckMyCCTV we may not always have known about a system fault until an engineer actually travelled to site to carry out an annual routine inspection. The beauty of CheckMyCCTV is that the software allows vital checks to be carried out remotely so the time and effort of our engineers can targeted in a more focused way. Crucially, it also prevents issues being left unresolved which of course is a critical factor where site security is concerned.”

Dave is also pleased with the support provided by CheckMySystems in the lead-up to CheckMyCCTV going ‘live’: “The team at CheckMySystems have been extremely helpful in setting up the system, which went smoothly, and answering our technical questions. We are currently running CheckMyCCTV on two 40 inch displays in our main service office.

The software is well designed and easy to use and we particularly like the ability to display two elements simultaneously: one highlighting the status of sites with a user-friendly ‘traffic light’ system and the other a map of their specific locations.”

Commented Darren Rewston, Managing Director at CheckMySystems Ltd on the deal with Justice Fire and Security: “We are delighted that, following a trial, Justice Fire and Security has decided to take-up CheckMyCCTV as an added value service to their customers. CheckMyCCTV provides an intelligent and economical way to monitor the status of security-critical CCTV systems across multiple sites.

The number of sites covered by CheckMyCCTV has grown dramatically over the past 12 months, with particular interest from the retail sector, where multiple CCTV systems are spread over a large geographical area. This is a trend that we expect to continue as more and more installers and monitoring centres look to offer CheckMyCCTV health monitoring to their customers. In addition, we have made significant strides increasing the number of systems that CheckMyCCTV is compatible with and now support over 25 brands, including: Dedicated Micros, Xtralis, Samsung, Dallmeier, Vista, Hikvision, Genie, and Videcon, with more on the way.”

For more information on Justice Fire and Security please call: 0845 468 0927 or visit

Genie CheckMyCCTV Promotion

Buy a Genie DVR in September and October to qualify for FREE CheckMyCCTV Status and Operation monitoring software and a 1-year licence for each unit purchased.

CheckMyCCTV allows you to diagnose issues on your CCTV installations to ensure they are operating correctly at all times. Find out more about CheckMyCCTV HERE

UPDATE: This offer now includes our Hosted CheckMyCCTV Service for 1-year for each unit purchased. The hosted service includes Daily checksDaily Status Report emails, and Web based CCTV Status viewing for your browser or Smartphone.

Genie DVRs purchased in September and October have a voucher in the box with a unique code. To claim your free licenses, register the voucher code(s) below:

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Terms and Conditions
1. Genie CCTV Ltd. and CheckMySystems Ltd. reserve the right to remove this offer at any time without prior notice.
2. Offer only valid on Genie BDVR, EDVRH, and GDVRH products with vouchers in the box.
3. Offer runs from September 1st 2012 until October 31st 2012.
3. One software installation and a maximum of 25 licenses permitted per company.
4. Vouchers expire on December 31st 2012.

Cut the cost of remote CCTV maintenance

CheckMyCCTV Maintenance Over the last 30 or so years, CCTV maintenance contracts have barely changed. Usually consisting of One or Two scheduled ‘pre-emptive’ maintenance visits a year to check that the system is working correctly.

In the era of tape based CCTV recording, scheduled maintenance was required to maintain the quality of recordings as the tapes and VCR heads became worn over time, but with digital CCTV systems this is not the case.

Pro-active not Pre-emptive

With modern Digital CCTV systems, there is no gradual degradation of recording quality between maintenance visits. CheckMyCCTV can monitor network connected CCTV systems for faults and recording issues, allowing maintenance visits to be targeted towards sites that actually need them.

Scheduled maintenance visits only ensure that your customers’ CCTV systems are working on the day of the visit, or two for bi-annual maintenance, but what about the other 363 days of the year when there’s no engineer on site?

Remotely Monitored Fault Reporting

CheckMyCCTV changes the way CCTV maintenance visits can be conducted. By automatically providing  Remotely Monitored Fault Reporting your customers are getting a maintenance package which is suited to the Digital era.

The benefits of remotely monitoring your customers’ CCTV systems for faults include:

  1. Peace of mind that your customers’ installations are working 365 days of the year.
  2. Immediate notification of fault conditions, often before the customers are aware of them.
  3. Proactive approach to customer service, rather than expecting your customers to detect issues.
  4. Increased efficiency of maintenance contracts – Pay As You Go and reduced visits to provide you and your customers with a ‘best value’ proposition.
  5. Reduced Costs of site visits by taking service engineers off the road, reducing fuel and labour costs, and improving the first visit fix rate.

A typical installer with 100 remote sites can save more than 30% of their Labour and Fuel costs by replacing two scheduled site visits with a single scheduled site visit and an emergency site visit triggered by CheckMyCCTV.

Pay As You Go Maintenance contracts

Current Pay As You Go maintenance contracts require the customer to detect faults and report them to the installer, in reality customers only tend to discover faults when they require footage from the CCTV system which is often not available. At this point, the damage is already done, the system you installed and maintain did not work and whether it is your fault or not, it is the your name and reputation that are tarnished.

By implementing CheckMyCCTV, faults are detected as soon as they happen, allowing you to pro-actively contact your customer to advise and arrange a site visit.

The next time you get a call from your customers to report a fault with their CCTV system, think how much better it would have been if it were you telling them that you have found a fault and you’re sending someone to fix it.

It’s time to drag maintenance contracts into the digital era, provide your customers with a better service for less with CheckMyCCTV. Contact Us for a FREE Trial to see how.



CheckMyCCTV Starter Pack Promotion

For a limited time, we’re offering new customers our CheckMyCCTV Starter Pack, which gives you everything you need to start checking the Health, Status, and Operation of your CCTV installations right now, at a great value price.


The CheckMyCCTV Starter Pack includes:


  • CheckMyCCTV Software (Client/Server)
  • 25 Unit One-year License
  • Remote Configuration*
  • Remote 1-hour Training Session*

Sign up for a 14-day FREE CheckMyCCTV trial today and see if your CCTV systems can be monitored for operational issues and faults, every hour of every day.

* Remote Configuration and Training session requires remote access using free TeamViewer software.