CheckMyCCTV™ for ARCs

CheckMyCCTV™ offers a unique ability for ARCs and Remote Monitoring Centres to offer your customers an automated testing and diagnostic service to compliment your existing services.

Along with ensuring your customers sites are secure, you will also be able to give them the assurance that their CCTV systems are operating correctly. By using CheckMyCCTV™ to remotely monitor the health and operation of your customers’ CCTV installations, your business will benefit from:

Increased revenue streams

CheckMyCCTV™ can be offered to your customers as an additional subscription service to increase your service portfolio. By becoming a CheckMyCCTV™ Service Provider, your customers will be getting the highest level of support possible – effectively having a virtual test engineer on their site 24 hours a day.

You will be alerted of any issues on your customers CCTV systems including:

Connection Issues
Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails or the system goes offline.
Camera Failures
Detects if a camera has developed a fault or is tampered with.
Image Integrity
Detects if the camera images are too bright or dark, out of focus, or out of alignment.
Hard Disk Failures
Detects hard disks failures or if it stops recording.
Recording Issues
Reports if the system is recording for less than the expected duration.
Time & Date Inaccuracy
Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with.

…and more.

Your own brand solution.

You can brand CheckMyCCTV™ with your own logos and service name, and provide your customers with branded email reports and web links so the service feels unique to the monitoring station.

Low startup and running costs.

As an RVRC, you will already have the network infrastructure in place to offer CheckMyCCTV™ to your customers. You will only require an PC to run the service on, and CheckMyCCTV™ can be up and running in minutes. The service is priced on a low license cost per device, so you only pay for the connections you use.

Automated Health checking

As the service runs automatically and autonomously, there is very little ‘hands-on’ operation required once the software has been configured, the RVRC will be alerted to any issues as they are reported, much in the same way as you are alerted to alarm activation on monitored sites.

Monitoring new and existing sites

If there is already a connection to the customers’ site from the monitoring station, then the customer will not require any additional equipment for you to offer CheckMyCCTV™. You could even check the health status of non-monitored sites as long as there is network access to the CCTV system.

A Scalable solution

CheckMyCCTV™ is fully scalable, allowing you to add as many units, sites, and customers as required. Each unit can use the global configuration by default, or be assigned a unique test configuration and interval. The service can be monitored from a single location, or can be viewed on multiple licensed computer locations if required.

An Intuitive interface

CheckMyCCTV™ displays the status of all your customers, sites, and units on a single page, allowing you to see any issues at a glance using a simple ‘traffic light’ warning system. There is a custom warning alert system using pop-up boxes, audible alerts, and email messages. The interface is designed to be easy to use and will look and feel exactly the same, no matter what brand of CCTV systems is being monitored.

Multi-brand support

CheckMyCCTV™ supports multiple brands including Dedicated Micros, Heitel, Xtralis, HikVision, Dahua, and Videcon. CheckMyCCTV™ also supports other brands which are not traditionally monitored for alarms, allowing your ARC to offer maintenance monitoring services to installers in addition to your other services.

14-day FREE trial

Contact us and we can discuss how you can become a CheckMyCCTV™ Service Provider. We are offering Monitoring Stations a FREE 14-day trial, which we can remotely install and configure for you.