ConnectMyCCTV™ for ARCs

ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway

Simple, Secure, and Cost Effective connectivity to your customers’ CCTV.

Getting remote access to a customers’ CCTV system for monitoring purposes can be time consuming, complex, costly, and in some cases impossible.

An engineer is usually required to set up the customers’ router with static IP addresses that can carry huge security and privacy risks if not done correctly, which is where ConnectMyCCTV™ can help.

What is ConnectMyCCTV™?

ConnectMyCCTV™ is a low-cost ‘plug-and-play’ box which creates a secure connection between your ARC and the customers’ CCTV system – with no engineer or on-site configuration required.

How does ConnectMyCCTV™ work?

The ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway box simply plugs into a spare network port on your customers’ broadband/4G router, and a USB port for power, and that’s it.

Once powered up, the customer contacts the ARC with the unique code printed on the box, along with the IP address of the CCTV system it needs to connect to.

A connection can then be established between the customers’ CCTV system and the ARC using your normal CCTV monitoring software, no additional infrastructure or settings are required.

Why use ConnectMyCCTV™?

As a simple plug-and-play solution, ConnectMyCCTV™ speeds up and simplifies the process of getting new customers’ connected to your ARC, reducing the risk of incorrect configurations leaving customers’ networks vulnerable.

Does ConnectMyCCTV™ work on any router?

Yes, as long as the router has Internet access and will give the ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway an address using DHCP it will work. It has been tested with all major ISPs and mobile networks.


  • Set up new CCTV connections in minutes from the ARC.
  • No setup changes on the customers’ broadband or 4G router.
  • CCTV access locked only to the ARC by default.
  • Cost-effective, pay-as-you-go monthly subscription.
  • Very low power – less than 1W.


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