Are your CCTV systems being tampered with?

CCTV TamperingWe have had increased number enquiries from customers who suspect their CCTV systems have or are being tampered with or vandalised to prevent the detection of criminal activity.

CheckMyCCTV is designed to ensure CCTV systems are operational 24/7, but in many cases it can also detect if the system has been tampered with using the same checks.

Typical ways a CCTV system may be tampered with include:

  • Disconnecting a camera.
  • Unplugging the CCTV from the network.
  • Moving or obscuring a camera.
  • Switching off the system.
  • Changing the time/date on the CCTV system.
  • Switching off or deleting the recording.

Each of these anomalies can be checked automatically using CheckMyCCTV every hour of every day, allowing users to remotely detect whether a CCTV system has been tampered with or developed fault.

Customers who manage or maintain remote multi-site CCTV systems will benefit from CheckMyCCTV tamper detection monitoring to ensure their systems are operating as expected.

CCTV systems are often only checked or maintained once a year, giving the perpetrators ample opportunity to render the CCTV system useless by switching it off, moving the cameras, or otherwise tampering with the system.

Let CheckMyCCTV perform daily tamper checks on all your remote CCTV systems and alert you to suspected tampering activity or faults.

If you would like to discuss how CheckMyCCTV can ensure your systems are operational 24/7, please contact us on 0161 870 6137 or email