Hosted CheckMyCCTV™

Hosted CheckMyCCTV™ is designed for small to medium CCTV installation companies to add automated CCTV system checks to their maintenance service.

Hosted CheckMyCCTV™ is run through our UK based Tier III data centre, meaning there is no additional equipment, infrastructure, or resource required to run your CCTV maintenance checking service.

The benefits of Hosted CheckMyCCTV™ include:

• Low start-up cost.
• Pay as you Go monthly billing.
• No Hardware Servers required.
• Always-On service.
• Hosted at a UK based Tier III data centre.

Low start-up cost

Hosted CheckMyCCTV™ does not require any extra servers or infrastructure to be installed at your premises, so up-front costs are minimal.

Pay as you Go billing

Users are charged a monthly in arrears for each system connected, and charged by Direct Debit. An upper limit is agreed so there are no surprises.

Always-On Service

The Hosted ChecMyCCTV™ service is hosted in partnership with Teledata UK, a leading UK based Tier III data centre, with built in disaster recovery and resilience, so it is available whenever you need to connect.

Try Hosted CheckMyCCTV™ for yourself with no obligation with our FREE Trial, or contact us for more information.