CheckMyCCTV™ for Installers

Your customers invest in CCTV systems to help protect their staff, assets, and buildings… 

…but is it working right now?

Traditional maintenance visits only ensure your customers CCTV is working on the day of the visit. CheckMyCCTV™ monitors your installations for faults 24/7 and reports faults as soon as they are detected.

You can provide your customers with an exceptional ‘proactive’ service to remedies faults before they become critical.

CheckMyCCTV™ can help you:

  • Save Time, Money, and Energy by detecting and diagnosing issues remotely.
  • Improve your maintenance costs by supplementing a scheduled maintenance visit with 24/7 remote checking.
  • Improve your first visit fix rate.
  • Provide Proactive rather than Reactive maintenance support.
  • View the status of all your installations at any time.

If you rely on your customers to check and report CCTV faults it could be days, weeks, or even months before a fault is discovered, which is normally after an incident has taken place.

By offering your customers automated CCTV Status and Operation monitoring using CheckMyCCTV™, you will know as soon an issue occurs, and evaluate if a site visit is required or if it can be fixed remotely.

Proactive remote status monitoring

By providing Proactive Remote Status monitoring using CheckMyCCTV™, your customers are assured that you are providing the best service possible and ensuring their systems are working, every hour of every day.

CheckMyCCTV™ allows you to provide fault triggered maintenance visits to supplement scheduled visits. You could save up to 35%  in your maintenance costs, and ensure your engineers know what the issues are before attending site.

Enhance your maintenance contracts

Give each of your customers a virtual service engineer. By pro-actively monitoring and diagnosing the health of your installations every hour of every day, your customers will be getting the highest level of support possible, giving them the peace of mind that their facilities are secure 24 hours a day.

Reduce call-outs and support costs.

By identifying the on-site issues remotely, you will know the required work to undertake, the chances of a fix on the first visit are greatly increased, saving the time and expensive of making multiple visits or diagnosing issues on site.

Scalable solution

CheckMyCCTV™ is a fully scalable solution, allowing you to add as many units, sites, and customers as required. Each customer or site can be configured using global settings, or be assigned a unique test configuration and interval, allowing you to tailor the software to your needs.

Intuitive interface

CheckMyCCTV™ displays the status of all your customers, sites, and units on a single page, allowing you to see any problem areas at a glance using a simple ‘traffic light’ warning system. There is a custom warning alert system using pop-up boxes, audible alerts, and email messages to one or many recipients.

14-day FREE trial

Download a FREE 14-day CheckMyCCTV™ trial today, and find out how CheckMyCCTV™ can improve the service you offer your customers, whilst saving money and resources. Alternatively,  Contact us and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss the available options.

CheckMyCCTV™ Service Providers

If you don’t want to run the Status and Operation monitoring service yourself, We have a range of CheckMyCCTV™ Service Providers who will be able to run the service for you or your customers.