ConnectMyCCTV™ for Installers

ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway

Simple, Secure, and Cost Effective connectivity to your ARC.

Setting up remote CCTV access to an ARC for monitoring can be time-consuming, complex, and can often leave customers with insecure connectivity.

ConnectMyCCTV™ makes it Simple, Secure, and Cost Effective.

What is ConnectMyCCTV™?

ConnectMyCCTV™ is a low-cost ‘plug-and-play’ box which creates a secure connection between the CCTV system and your ARC – with no on-site router configuration or port-forwarding required.

How does it work?

Simply plug the ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway a spare network port on your customers’ broadband, 4G, or Starlink™ router, and power up.

You’ll just need to contact your ARC with the unique code printed on the box, along with the IP address of the CCTV system it needs to connect to.

The ARC will then enable the connection, and you’re done.


  • Simple – Set up new CCTV connections to your ARC in minutes.
  • Secure – CCTV access locked only to the ARC by default.
  • Cost-effective – a one-off cost for the box, and a small monthly charge through your ARC.
  • No networking knowledge required.

Does it work with any CCTV system?

ConnectMyCCTV™ is designed to work with major DVR/NVR brands, such as Hikvision, Dahua, UNV, and more. Contact us for compatibility of other brands.

Does it work with my ARC?

More and more ARCs are seeing the benefits of offering ConnectMyCCTV™ to their customers, including:

247 Monitoring, Anchor Group Services, ARC Monitoring, Aspire Monitoring, DSOC, EMCS, Envision, First County Monitoring, PSM, and SMC.

Get in touch if your ARC is not listed, we can set them up for FREE.

How do I buy?

ConnectMyCCTV™ is only available to CCTV Installers and ARCs in the UK at the moment.

To puchase, contact us at or 0161 8706137 (Option 1) for details.