Check your multi-site CCTV installations today

CheckMyCCTV is ideal for monitoring the operation and status of your multi-site installations, especially when sites are located over large geographic areas, are unmanned, or you just need the reassurance that your CCTV systems are working.

It is often difficult to know at any point in time whether your sites are operational, checking manually can be time consuming, repetitive and often inaccurate, especially if there are 10’s or 100’s of sites to check.

CheckMyCCTV not only checks the health of your entire CCTV estate, but also that your sites are configured and operating correctly. Typical operational checks include:

  • Checking that the alarms are operational.
  • Ensuring the site operator is arming/disarming the site.
  • Ensuring that alarms are being monitored by the RVRC,
  • Checking that the system is recording for the required duration, and
  • Checking that the Time and Date of the recordings are accurate.

CheckMyCCTV’s easy to use interface will always keep you up to date with the status of all your sites, no matter where they are.

CheckMyCCTV offers an incredible value proposition for peace of mind – typically less than 1% of the cost of your CCTV installation to monitor your site for a year.

Contact us for a quote or to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Can you check your CCTV in under 20 seconds?

You can with CheckMyCCTV! The latest updates to the test engine now make it possible to comprehensively check your Dedicated Micros CCTV system and cameras in under 20 seconds*.

As an installer or RVRC, your customers may expect (or demand) that you regularly check their CCTV system. CheckMyCCTV is a simple and most cost effective way to ensure that your customers sites and your reputation remain in good health.

CheckMyCCTV automatically and autonomously checks many aspects of the CCTV system and gives you a status report in less than 20 seconds. If you had the time, patience, and persistence, you could (probably) manually perform all the tests that CheckMyCCTV does.

If you want to give it a try, here’s the tests you’d have to perform……on your marks….get set……GO!

  • Check that you can connect to the DVR.
  • Check that the time and date is correct.
  • Check that all the cameras are working.
  • Check that the unit is recording. (Are you sure it’s recording?)
  • Check that the hard disks are working.
  • Test the network bandwidth of the DVR. (Are you losing the will to live now?)
  • Take a daily configuration backup from the DVR.
  • Check that the DVR is actioning alarms. (Are we nearly there yet?)
  • Check that the DVR is connecting to a central station on alarm, etc etc.

I think you get the picture. In all there are up to 22 individual checks that CheckMyCCTV performs on every unit, every hour of every day.

So, do you really have time to check your CCTV systems manually? Find out how much time and resource CheckMyCCTV can save you, contact us today for a FREE 14-day trial.


* Tests conducted on a standard BT Broadband connection at 6Mb/s download and 330Kb/s upload using a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 PC.

7 ways CheckMyCCTV can enhance your maintenance contracts

Traditional CCTV maintenance contracts are typically ‘reactive’ by definition, consisting of one or two visits to site a year to check the operation of the CCTV system. The contract can also include a guaranteed response time when a fault is reported. This pretty much hasn’t changed since the inception of CCTV installations.

With the advent of network attached CCTV systems, installers can provide a ‘proactive’ maintenance contract option using CheckMyCCTV. Here’s 7 reasons why a proactive maintenance contract, powered by CheckMyCCTV, is beneficial to you and your customers:

  1. Reduce your costs – Accurate and timely health monitoring using CheckMyCCTV can reduce your service and maintenance costs by providing targeted service visits.
  2. Increase revenues – You can add value to your current maintenance contacts by including 24/7 CheckMyCCTV health monitoring to your ‘Platinum’ contracts.
  3. Reduce costly site visits – The chances of a fix in the first visit are greatly increased. Issues are diagnosed remotely, so you know what is wrong before you attend site.
  4. Improve your service offering – In today’s difficult trading environment, you can provide a higher level of service to your customer base than your competitors.
  5. Puts you back in control – CheckMyCCTV diagnoses and reports the faults instead of relying your customers detecting faults.
  6. Manage your security estate more efficiently – CheckMyCCTV can monitor many hundreds of sites, allowing you to manage larger and more geographically diverse security estates.
  7. System checking is automatic – No extra resource is needed to manage CheckMyCCTV, it automatically checks at the intervals you set.

CheckMyCCTV is FREE to try for your CCTV installations. Contact us to discuss how CheckMyCCTV can  enhance your CCTV maintenance contracts and arrange a free 14-day trial.