Support for Axis cameras added to CheckMyCCTV™

Were delighted to announce that Axis cameras are now compatible with our award-wining CheckMyCCTV™ maintenance monitoring solution.

CheckMyCCTV™ has traditionally been used to monitor multi-site static CCTV systems, such as retailers, hotel chains, car dealerships, and bookmakers etc.

We’re now seeing an increase in demand to support rapid deployment and CCTV towers with recording directly to SD Cards on the camera, and connected via mobile networks.

In these high-risk environments, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the CCTV systems are operational and fit for purpose 24/7.

One constraint when monitoring the status of mobile connected systems is the the amount of data passing to and from the device.

By signing up to the Axis Application Development Partner programme, we have been able to optimise the data requirement for mobile connectivity. The checks are quick and require very little bandwidth, and no CheckMyCCTV™ functionality is lost.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. comments “The Axis cameras is a great fit for our customers utilising mobile connectivity and rapid deployment of cameras. Integration of Axis cameras into CheckMyCCTV™ has been optimised for that environment.

Adding “The built-in SD Card makes it an economical and efficient way to record locally at the camera without requiring additional equipment. Our CheckMyCCTV™ solution integrates seamlessly, seeing it as a single channel NVR”.

CheckMyCCTV™ is compatible with Axis Cameras and Encoders using API version 2.0 and above. For more information about Axis products, visit

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