Alert Monitoring add CheckMyCCTV™ to their service offering

We are delighted to announce Alert Monitoring as our latest CheckMyCCTV™ Monitoring Partner.

Based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Alert Monitoring provide a range of remote monitoring services that can be applied to all business types. 

The Monitoring Station operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and has a team of SIA accredited operators delivering a highly responsive and proactive service.

As part of that responsive and proactive service, CheckMyCCTV™ is now available as an option to check and ensure CCTV systems are working and fit for purpose when they are needed most. 

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd., commented “We’re delighted to welcome Alert Monitoring to our ever growing list of Monitoring Partners” adding “Monitoring stations often have hundreds or even thousands of systems, and having an automated and reliable method of ensuring they are all working and fit for purpose is essential in ensuring that customers are getting the service they expect.”

Paul Rolfe, Director of Alert Monitoring added “Our customers depend on their CCTV systems working when they’re called upon, by utilising CheckMyCCTV™ we can identify CCTV issues and report them to the service team before they become critical, reducing downtime and risk.”

For more information, visit Alert Monitoring at or call 
0333 999 9565.