CheckMyCCTV™ Monitoring Partner scheme launched

Given the unprecedented lock down in many countries following the corona virus outbreak, many CCTV Installers have found themselves unable to attend sites to perform their planned CCTV maintenance visits.

This is leaving end-users at risk of faulty CCTV systems leaving their sites at risk, at a time where crime rates are increasing and properties are being left unoccupied. To counter this, we are launching the CheckMyCCTV™ Monitoring Partner scheme.

As many CCTV monitoring stations already have connectivity into their customers’ sites, they are able to perform automated remote maintenance checks 24/7 using our award-winning CheckMyCCTV™, with no setup on site required.

The checks include:

Connection Issues
Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails or the system goes offline.
Camera Failures
Detects if a camera has developed a fault or is tampered with.
Image Integrity
Detects if the camera images are too bright or dark, out of focus, or out of alignment.
Hard Disk Failures
Detects hard disks failures or if it stops recording.
Recording Issues
Reports if the system is recording for less than the expected duration.
Time & Date Inaccuracy
Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with.

Customers receive a scheduled daily status report email from our monitoring partners, and a live web status link showing sites will issues, so they can target only sites with issues.

Monitoring partners get these benefits:

  • FREE CheckMyCCTV™ Software with your branding
  • FREE configuration and remote training.
  • Extended Trial period.
  • Cost effective Pay-as-you-go monthly pricing.

Register to become a monitoring partner:

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