CheckMyCCTV™ adds support for Hanwha Wisenet NVRs

Support for Hanwha Wisenet NVRs added to CheckMyCCTV™

We’re delighted to announce that as part of our programme to add support for more brands into CheckMyCCTV™, Hanwha Wisenet NVR platforms have now been added to the class-leading remote maintenance platform.

CheckMyCCTV™ automatically checks remote CCTV installations for faults and other issues, so Integrators can provide a proactive and targeted service.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director CheckMySystems Ltd., comments, The addition of the popular Hanwha Wisenet platforms gives Installers a real unique selling point across multi-site installations. By offering customers additional piece-of-mind that their CCTV is working and fit for purpose, and reducing the time and effort it takes to support multiple installations.

The checks that can be performed on Hanwha Wisenet NVRs  using CheckMyCCTV™ include:

Network Status – Ensures connectivity to the system.
Camera Status – Checks the status of the cameras connected to the system.
Image Check – Checks for camera alignment, images which are too bright or dark, or out of focus.
Record Duration – Ensures the system is recording for the correct user-defined time period.
Recording Check  – Checks if the system is recording correctly.
Time Accuracy – Ensures the time and date on the device is accurate. …and more

These checks ensure that the system is working and operating as expected in a fraction of the time it takes to manually check them.

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