Did your CCTV system change to Summer Time?

The clocks went forward on Sunday 27th March, so it’s crucial that the time on your CCTV systems is adjusted to compensate. Last year, about a third of CCTV systems monitored by CheckMyCCTV did not update the daylight saving time, so were running 1-hour out for some time before they were adjusted.

Time and date information is critical with any CCTV system. If it is incorrect it can lead to issues searching for video evidence and events, especially if these are tied to times from other sources such as Till Receipts or ANPR collection. But not only that, if your system uses recording or alarm schedules it can mean your CCTV is not giving you the recording coverage you expect.

Recording schedules can change the record or quality patterns of the CCTV system, so it may adjust the quantity or quality of images from certain cameras at different times, if the CCTV clock is not adjusted, the record schedule will be incorrect.

Likewise, an Alarm Schedule may affect when alarms can be triggered on the system, this is especially important if your alarms are fed back to an RVRC (Remote Video Receiving Centre), as they will not receive alarms at the expected scheduled times.

CheckMyCCTV users were alerted if their CCTV systems did not change to Summer Time. Check that your CCTV system has adjusted the time using our FREE 14-day Trial.