PALS-Services launch ConneX for retail CCTV

PALS ServicesCheckMySystems are pleased to announce PALS-Services as our latest monitoring partner, providing innovative loss prevention solutions to the retail market.

One of these services; PALS-ConneX can make sure that your huge investment in CCTV is efficient and in working order 24/7/365.

Karl Jordan, Managing Director of PALS-Services explains more about PALS-ConneX…

“How often have you come to use your CCTV system only to realise the broadband connection or recording system is down, or not recording for as many days as it should or you’ve had a camera failure? Many, I know…..and probably many you don’t know!

With PALS-ConneX, you are alerted immediately of any failings, downtime, switch off or changes in images. Great for maintenance, performance management of installers, alerts of malicious or non-malicious activities but most all, the assurance that your investment and system is doing what you want it to do.

This will reinvent maintenance contracts for some retailers, with a real opportunity to know 100% what the issues are and when. It will really support service providers in achieving a right first time solution also to improve first time fixes and ultimately reduce downtime and a great service to the end user.

No need to await security personnel, store managers etc. to spot the issues, we do it all with the simplest of software from our Business Intelligence Suite. The PALS-ConneX service solution puts you back in control!”

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems adds “We welcome PALS-Services as our latest monitoring and service provider, and look forward to working with them to grow PALS-ConneX within their retail customer base.”

“Our solution is already proven in a retail security environment, and the PALS-ConneX service is a great way for end-users to have the integrity of their CCTV systems managed for them, reducing their costs, system downtime, and operational risk”

For more information about PALS-ConneX, or the innovative retail solutions from PALS-Services, email or call 01564 703086