EMCS offer hosted CCTV checking service

EMCS IndependentCheckMyCCTV monitoring partner, EMCS, now offering an own-branded CCTV checking service to installers across the UK and Ireland.

Since launching their CCTV status monitoring service in November 2014, EMCS are now checking the status of over 500 CCTV systems using their managed CCTV Sentry service every hour of every day.

CCTV Sentry was previously expanded to check the status of CCTV systems which are not traditionally monitored by the central station as a value added service for installers, such as multi-site retailers.

Now the service has been expanded further so CCTV Installers can have all their compatible network connected CCTV systems checked under their own branding.

Speaking about the service, Mark Hewerdine, CCTV Manager at EMCS comments “The uptake of our CCTV Sentry service has been way beyond our expectations, and we are now in a unique position to be able to offer to run the service on behalf of CCTV installers, with their own branding, across their monitored and non-monitored CCTV installations”

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems adds “CCTV installers now have the option to to run their own system checking service using our software, or having a monitoring station, such as EMCS, provide the service for them”

“For many CCTV installers, to have a monitoring station host the service 24/7 at a fixed cost, with no extra hardware or software required is a compelling offer, and many are taking that route.”

“We’re seeing how CCTV maintenance monitoring is revolutionising how CCTV systems are checked and maintained. No longer are systems checked just once a year during a service visit, leaving end users at risk. They are monitored 24/7 for faults, tampering, and operational issues.”

For more information about how EMCS can host your CCTV status monitoring service, contact them on 0800 716 179 or email sales@nullemcs.co.uk