Introducing CheckMyCCTV Connector

Our customers already use CheckMyCCTV to monitor the maintenance condition of thousands of remote CCTV systems. With CheckMyCCTV Connector, it’s now possible to monitor CCTV systems even when there is no external access to them.

Many CCTV systems are connected online these days, which means that CheckMyCCTV has no problem connecting to them. However, when CCTV systems are installed behind a firewall or on a company network, it’s more difficult to offer a remote maintenance monitoring service without having to open outside access via the router or VPN. Not any more…

CheckMyCCTV Connector is a simple solution which allows the checks to be conducted from within the remote network, and send the results back to your CheckMyCCTV software for monitoring.

What is CheckMyCCTV Connector?

CheckMyCCTV Connector is a lightweight application which resides on a Windows PC, Server, or Virtual Server on your customers’ network. It performs the maintenance checks by accessing all the CCTV devices on the internal network and reporting the results back to your CheckMyCCTV software through our web portal via a HTTP connection.

How does CheckMyCCTV Connector work?

To start checking the status of CCTV systems within your customers’ network, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Install the CheckMyCCTV Connector software on a PC within your customers’ network.
  2. Copy the 16-digit unique ID key.
  3. Create a Connector Site in your CheckMyCCTV Software and enter the unique ID key.
  4. Start adding devices into the software to check in the normal way, using the devices local IP addresses.
  5. The settings and results are transferred back and forth using our web portal.

Once you’ve set up devices on the connector, you just need to license it in the normal way within the CheckMyCCTV software.

Where is CheckMyCCTV Connector used?

CheckMyCCTV Connector is used if you need to monitor systems that you have no direct access to or are installed on locked-down networks, typical examples include retail chains, banks, petrol stations, schools and council offices, corporate networks, and national infrastructure:

CheckMyCCTV Connector Corporate Network

When is CheckMyCCTV Connector available?

CheckMyCCTV Connector will be available from 16th September 2013.

How much does CheckMyCCTV Connector cost?

For a limited time, CheckMyCCTV Connector is free of charge to existing customers. You just need to license each unit connected to it as you would with any other system to be monitored.

To get CheckMyCCTV Connector, or to try CheckMyCCTV, contact us on +44(0)161 870 6137 or send an email to