CheckMyCCTV support for Vicon HDExpress

ViconCheckMySystems Ltd. announce support for Vicon’s HDExpress line of NVRs.

CheckMyCCTV is used to monitor the status of thousands of CCTV systems distributed over wide geographical areas, such as in retail, restaurants, banks, infrastructure, and transportation. Many of these installations typically have a small number of analogue cameras recording onto DVR systems.

CheckMyCCTV supports over 40 brands of DVR CCTV systems, but with the demand for IP based CCTV systems growing, and customers switching to NVR replacement systems, CheckMyCCTV has evolved to provide support for for NVR systems from manufacturers such as Samsung, HikVision, Panasonic, Dahua, Qnap, NUUO, Xtralis, and more.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. comments, “By expanding the list of supported products to include the Vicon HDExpress NVR, we are offering our customers an increased portfolio of easy to use DVR replacement products which can be seamlessly integrated into their existing CheckMyCCTV service.”

To find out more about how to offer your CCTV customers a remote status monitoring solution as part of their maintenance provision, please contact us on +44 (0)161 820 6137 or drop us an email to