Davantis support added to CheckMyCCTV™

Support for Davantis Video Analytics Systems has been added to latest CheckMyCCTV™ release.

As CCTV Integrators look for ways to improve false alarm triggering, especially for remotely monitored systems, Video Analytics is becoming the go-to technology to achieve this, with Davantis being at the forefront of development.

As with any video-based analytics system, it is only as good as the images it is using. Many of our Monitoring Station Partners requested that support was added to CheckMyCCTV™ to reduce their laborious manual daily system checking and reporting across all their systems.

The checks that can be performed on Davantis systems are:

PING/HTTP Check – Ensures connectivity to the system.
Camera Status – Checks the status of the the cameras connected to the system
Image Check – Takes a snapshot from each camera each day and analyses it to ensure it has not lost alignment, too bright or dark, or out of focus.
Alarm Activations – Checks for any alarms over a user-defined time period.
Remote Alarm Connections  – Checks for any alarms sent to the monitoring station over a user-defined time period.
Time Accuracy – Ensures the time and date on the device is accurate.

These checks ensure that the system is working and operating as expected in a fraction of the time it takes to manually check them.

For more information about Davantis Video Analytics, visit www.davantis.com