Nx Witness support added to CheckMyCCTV™

Support for Network Optix’s Nx Witness VMS platform has been added to CheckMyCCTV™.

As our customers roll out CheckMyCCTV™ across their installation estate, it’s important that we keep building on our range of supported product, sowe are pleased to announce that we have now added support for Network Optix’s excellent Nx Witness VMS platform into CheckMyCCTV™.

We have seen an increase in demand for CheckMyCCTV™ support for other VMS platforms as a whole, and Nx Witness joins the likes of Milestone, Avigilon, Digifort, and Vivotek, as we continue to expand our supported platforms.

The CheckMyCCTV™ checks that can be performed on Nx Witness include:

Network Status – Ensures connectivity to the system.
Camera Status – Checks the status of the cameras connected to the system.
Image Check – Takes a snapshot from each camera each day and analyses it to ensure it has not lost alignment, too bright or dark, or out of focus.
Record Duration – Ensures the system is recording for the correct user-defined time period.
Recording Check  – Checks if the system is recording correctly.
Time Accuracy – Ensures the time and date on the device is accurate. …and more

These checks ensure that the system is working and operating as expected in a fraction of the time it takes to manually check them.

For more information about Nx Witness VMS, visit www.networkoptix.com