Are end-users at fault if their CCTV isn’t working?

We conducted a poll on LinkedIn posing a hypothetical question:

“Your customer had a break-in and the CCTV wasn’t working. Whose fault is it?”

Without any other information, an overwhelming number of respondents (over half of 171 votes) indicated that it was the user at fault for not reporting the issue prior to the break-in.

The result of the poll raised a few eyebrows – the customer has already had a break-in and now it’s their fault for not finding the issue first!

To some extent it should come as no surprise, CCTV maintenance contracts have traditionally required the end-user to check their systems regularly.

This has been a legacy of the industry for the last 30 years since recording to video tape, but it begs the question, why?

Here’s a few typical reasons why end-users shouldn’t be relied upon to check and report CCTV problems:

  1. They are not trained to find faults.
  2. They’re most likely too busy doing their job.
  3. The systems may not be accessible or remotely installed.
  4. Not all CCTV faults and issues are obvious.
  5. The employee checking may benefit from it not working!

Fortunately, CCTV maintenance is changing, and the onus to check CCTV systems is now moving away from the end-user, driven in part by necessity.

During lock-down, it was impossible for end-users to check their CCTV systems, leaving them at risk. Systems had to be remotely checked to ensure they are working (if they were checked at all).

However, these manual checks can take up a large amount of time and resource when you have 10, 100, or 1000’s of systems that need to be checked on a daily basis, which is where our award-winning CheckMyCCTV™ checking solution can help.

CheckMyCCTV™ automatically checks your customers’ remote CCTV systems 24/7 for faults, operation, and compliancy issues as part of your service.

You can see the status of all your customers CCTV systems at any point in time and detect issues as they happen, allowing you to target service visits when they are needed.

By automating your remote CCTV maintenance checks, you will ensure your customers’ CCTV is working, compliant, and fit for purpose without them needing to do anything, and you’ll also benefit by:

  • Generating additional recurring revenue streams,
  • Using your resources more effectively, and
  • Reducing your costs and manpower requirement.

More than 25,000 CCTV systems are remotely maintenance checked 24/7 using CheckMyCCTV™, are yours?

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The original LinkedIn Poll can be found HERE.