Airport Retailer takes off with CheckMyCCTV


Australia’s leading airport retailer is using CheckMyCCTV to ensure that CCTV issues across their stores are proactively detected, reported, and rectified.

awpl is a leading airport retailer with over 50 stores in both Australia and New Zealand’s International and Domestic Airport terminals. Catering to such a high traffic market, it is vital that they have confidence in their surveillance solutions at all times.

Traditional annual CCTV maintenance did not offer 24/7 reassurance that issues were detected and rectified in a timely manner. It took a huge amount of resource and manpower to check, log, and report system faults manually on a daily basis, so they looked for a solution to rectify this.

Viasec Pty Ltd., our Sales Partner for Australia and New Zealand, provided awpl with CheckMyCCTV. Their CCTV systems are now automatically monitored ensure full functionality every hour of every day.

Luke Casey, Managing Director of Viasec Pty Ltd., comments “The CheckMyCCTV system is managed by awpl’s support team, and is used to report faults and tampering across all their estate so issues cab be resolved in a timely manner” adding “This has helped them by targeting only stores which have issues, reducing their maintenance costs and system downtime”.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. adds “This is a perfect example of where CheckMyCCTV has improved the effectiveness of CCTV across retail stores with a wide geographic area. These systems are often costly and time consuming to maintain, but by using CheckMyCCTV the process is managed automatically and efficiently”.

CheckMyCCTV is used to monitor over 12,000 CCTV systems across retailers, restaurants, utilities, hotels, schools, nightclubs, food production and anywhere where operational CCTV is required.

To find out more about CheckMyCCTV or request a demonstration, contact us at or +44 161 8706137. Alternatively, customers in Australia and New Zealand can contact Viasec directly at or 02 4017 1180.