RESS Limited launches Proactive CCTV Support


UK based Russell Electronic Security Systems (RESS Ltd.) have launched Proactive CCTV Support for Installers and Monitoring Stations, providing first line technical support and 24/7 system checking and diagnostics.

The service is designed to reduce the clients’ risk of faulty CCTV systems missing vital evidence by detecting, reporting, and resolving issues as they happen.

Leroy Russell, Director of RESS Ltd., explains more about their service “Many CCTV installers and monitoring stations have no idea whether their systems are offering the 24/7 protection their customers require at any point in time, our service monitors the status of their CCTV systems and alerts us to issues as they happen, if we can’t fix them remotely, then we work with them to resolve the issues quickly and proactively.”

Adding “By providing a 24/7 CCTV checking service and first line technical support, we can provide a cost effective solution of proactive maintenance, rather than traditional ‘annual’ maintenance, which leaves clients at risk when an issue occurs between maintenance visits”.

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. comments, “Over the past few years we have seen a shift away from comprehensive CCTV maintenance contracts, and towards pay as you go based maintenance. CheckMyCCTV has allowed our customers to provide a proactive and targeted maintenance solution by monitoring sites for faults, tampering, vandalism, and operational issues”

Adding, “The launch of Proactive CCTV Support from RESS Ltd. provides Installers and Monitoring Stations with managed 24/7 system checks which includes first line technical support, so issues can be detected, diagnosed, and resolved quickly and effectively”

For more information of the Proactive CCTV Support service, contact RESS Ltd. on 01384 621211 or visit