Why CCTV firmware upgrades must be part of your maintenance service.

Mirai BotAs more CCTV systems are connected to the Internet or on internal company LANs, CCTV vulnerabilities can be an easy way in for hackers to install bots or trojans on your customers’ systems. Upgrading the firmware of your CCTV devices should not be overlooked to reduce this risk.

Upgrading the firmware of CCTV systems is often overlooked when a maintenance service takes place, often due to a misconception that if the current firmware is working then there’s no need to upgrade.

This may have been the case with ‘stand-alone’ analogue CCTV systems from years gone by, but as more and more systems are connected online (or onto a company network), they can pose a significant risk to your customer if the firmware has network or password vulnerabilities.

It’s worth remembering that most CCTV systems are based on Windows or Linux operating systems which can be susceptible to network attacks if they are not updated, and the CCTV cameras or recorders can have their own vulnerabilities, which may be fixed in updated firmware.

Hackers are targeting vulnerable IP devices, and CCTV systems are seen as an easy target as many of them are untouched after they are installed, so they could have multiple vulnerabilities ready to exploit.

So the next time your engineers visit a site for a maintenance service, ensure they check and update the firmware of every network connected CCTV device – it is in the interest of you and your customers.

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