Free CCTV Vulnerability Checking Tool

Mirai BotThere have been widespread reports of large numbers of IP Cameras and CCTV systems being hacked to launch large scale DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks using the Mirai bot. Your customer’s CCTV systems may have already been compromised or is vulnerable to attack.

The Mirai bot infects Linux based CCTV devices that have port 23 open and are using default login credentials. By scanning for open ports and using brute force to log in using default usernames and passwords, they can load the Bot onto the device to carry out the attacks.

Over 145,000 CCTV cameras and systems are currently being used to carry out the attacks.

Download and run our Vulnerability Checking Tool to check if your customers’ CCTV systems are affected.

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Simply enter the IP address, or Hostname of the device, or paste in a comma delimited list of the IP devices and click the ‘Check’ button.

What to do if your CCTV systems are affected:

  1. Ensure all unnecessary IP ports are closed on the router or firewall, i.e. port 21 and 23.
  2. Change the Username and Password.
  3. Update the Device’s firmware.
  4. Reboot the Device.

To check the status of your CCTV systems 24/7 for other issues, register to download our Free CheckMyCCTV Trial.