CCTV Installer slashes CO2 emissions using CheckMyCCTV

CheckMyCCTV Lowers EmissionsA CCTV installer reports a dramatic reduction in their fuel use and CO2 emissions by utilising remote maintenance monitoring, Powered by CheckMyCCTV.


The installers’ blue-chip client – with over 500 sites across the UK, wanted to ensure that their CCTV systems were operational 24/7  and specified CheckMyCCTV to reduce the Security and Health and Safety risks associated with faulty CCTV systems.

Understanding that their current maintenance offering could not ensure the effectiveness of their clients’ CCTV at all times, the installer incorporated remote maintenance monitoring using CheckMyCCTV into their maintenance provision.

The installer reduced the number of scheduled service visits from two a year to one – but supplemented them with 24/7 monitoring of each CCTV system using CheckMyCCTV, issues are now detected and reported automatically as soon as they occur.

This proactive maintenance plan allowed the installer to provide a better service to their client,  by responding to faults in a more timely and effective manner – significantly reducing system downtime.

By nearly halving the number of service visits they need to make, they have slashed their CO2 emissions by 40%, as well as their fuel usage, manpower, and other costs resulting from sending engineers to remote sites.

Contact us to discuss how adding CheckMyCCTV to your maintenance contracts can significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and costs, and improve your service response. or +44 (0) 161 870 6137