ASM launch LiveCheck Status Monitoring Service

ASM LiveCheckUK based monitoring station, ASM have launched LiveCheck, a CCTV status monitoring service to ensure your CCTV systems are operating correctly 24/7. 

ASM LiveCheck automatically monitors CCTV systems for problems every hour of every day and reports issues as they happen – before they become critical.  

Speaking about the ASM LiveCheck service, Matt Edgley, Sales Director at ASM comments ‘With our LiveCheck solution we’re able to give all monitored clients the assurance that on-site CCTV systems are operating correctly by remotely monitoring the health and operation of critical functions.’

‘ASM customers do not have to rely on someone noticing that something is wrong or be exposed to the increased security risks that come with a CCTV system that’s not in 100% good health. As soon as a problem arises we will know about it and, if we cannot fix the issue remotely, immediately recommend an engineer visit to solve the problem.’

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems comments ‘ASM LiveCheck is a great example of how ASM is providing their customers with innovative services to ensure their CCTV is operational 24/7. After all, if the CCTV system is faulty, it is possible that a critical alarm is not sent to the monitoring station, leaving sites with an increased security risk’.

ASM LiveCheck performs a number of system checks every hour to identify issues such as Connection problems, Camera Failures, Recording Issues, Hard disk failures, Time accuracy, and more.

To find out more about ASM LiveCheck, visit ASM at or call 0333 888 4038