VRC launch CCTV HealthCheck service

Video Receiving Centre Limited

VRC Ltd. launch their CCTV HealthCheck service, joining a growing list of Monitoring Stations who are offering their customers 24/7 maintenance checking to ensure their remote CCTV systems are working correctly at all times.

With many businesses relying of evidential quality CCTV to protect their property, people, and assets, it is more important than ever to ensure they are operational and fit for purpose 24/7.

VRC HealthCheck is an automated service which conducts remote maintenance checks on your CCTV systems every hour of every day. The core checks include:

Network Connection – Ensures the system is online and available.

Camera Status – Checks the cameras are not faulty or disconnected.

Record Duration – Checks the system is recording for the required duration, i.e. 30 days.

Record Status – Checks the system is recording and the hard disks are operational.

Time Accuracy – Checks the system time and date is correct.

The service automatically sends Daily Status Reports to your inbox every morning, so you can see when there is an issue and what the issue is, so it can be rectified in a timely manner.

Installers utilising VRC HealthCheck are able to provide a ‘proactive’ maintenance service – advising their customers when there is an issue, rather than waiting for issues to be reported (often after an incident has taken place), and get the peace of mind that their customers are getting the service they expect.

Matt Pound, General Manager of VRC Ltd. comments “We focus heavily on outstanding customer care and technical support, and providing a 24/7 CCTV system maintenance and status checking service increases the level of service we offer.”

Adding, “VRC HealthCheck is a fully automated system which checks the operational integrity of connected CCTV systems , providing installers and end-users with the reassurance that their CCTV systems are operating when they need them most.”

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. adds “We recently passed a milestone of over 10,000 CCTV installations that are being monitored using our CheckMyCCTV platform, as more and more Installers offer real benefits in monitoring the status of remote CCTV installations as part of their maintenance service

“By adding 24/7 CCTV checking as part of their service, VRC can pinpoint sites which are not protected due to faults, tampering, or vandalism, and report them to the Installer for remedial work to be carried out.”

For more information about VRC HealthCheck and how it ensures your CCTV systems are operational 24/7, contact 0844 553 2180 or email info@nullvrcuk.com