Van Gogh theft blamed on faulty security

A perfect example of ensuring that your Security systems are working was demonstrated when a Van Gogh was stolen from Cairo Museum back in August. It transpired that none of the alarms were working and only 7 out of 42 cameras were operational.

If you work in the industry you probably thought this was down to shoddy workmanship or poor maintenance, which it may well have been. However, if someone was to ask you how many of your cameras are operational right now, would you be any the wiser? You may be able to check back on the last maintenance visit and point out that everything was working when that was complete, but it may have been many months ago and a lot could have changed since then.

You could give your customers training on how to detect whether the system is operational, but do they have the time, inclination, or skills to do the job properly, after all Security systems are often a grudge purchase for your customers anyway, so they are often locked away only to see the light of day when an incident occurs.

CheckMyCCTV gives you and your customers the tools to ensure that their security systems are working correctly, in the case of the stolen Van Gogh, CheckMyCCTV would have reported that cameras had failed and alarms were not being triggered, so at least the customer or installer would have been aware that their security was severely compromised. It could be argued that this may not have prevented the theft anyway, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed as they say.