Time to check your CCTV?

CheckMyCCTV UK RiotWith the recent events around the UK, City Security and Resilience Network (CSARN) have advised businesses to check that their CCTV systems are operational and recording satisfactory images.


Here’s a few quick steps to check your CCTV systems are working:

  1. Can you see each CCTV camera on the monitor? Cycle through each camera connected to the system and check whether there are any failed cameras, blank images, or cameras pointing in the wrong direction.
  2. Are the CCTV cameras recording? Go into the playback function of your DVR and select each camera in turn, is it playing back from every camera?
  3. Are the CCTV recordings of sufficient quality? Look at each recorded image and ask yourself if you could identify anyone recorded by that camera.
  4. Is the current Time and Date correct on the DVR? Check that the time and date displayed on the monitor is correct, if it’s not, change it.
If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, contact your CCTV installer to rectify any issues.


These checks and more can be performed automatically using our CheckMyCCTV software, giving you the peace of mind that your security systems are operating as expected. Ask your CCTV Installer to monitor the health, status, and operation of your CCTV systems today.