CheckMySystems™ can offer additional services and for you or your clients, such as:

Bespoke Integration

If you require integration with products or brands which are not already supported by CheckMyCCTV™, or need any other bespoke integration, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

CheckMyCCTV™ Monitoring Partners

Major Remote Video Receiving Centers (RVRCs) have signed up to become CheckMyCCTV™ Monitoring Partners. Offer 24/7 CCTV maintenance monitoring as part of their service for traditionally monitored CCTV™ systems or unmonitored systems without the need to purchase extra hardware, software, or have the necessary network or personnel in place to run it. [more]

CheckMyCCTV™ Referral Scheme

Refer another business to us, and you’ll receive a referral fee for every license they purchase in the first 12 months. Simple complete a referral form to give us the basic details and we’ll do the rest. [more]