‘Pay as you Go’ Licenses Introduced

CheckMySystems introduce new ‘Pay as you Go’ licenses to significantly reduce the cost of monitoring the status of your CCTV systems.

Acting on feedback from our customers, we’ve introduced a new ‘Pay as you Go’ license model means that you only need to purchase licenses for each connected device you wish to monitor as and when you need them, reducing the up-front cost of providing health and operation monitoring for your customers’ remotely connected CCTV systems.

As part of the Pay as you Go package, you will get our full CheckMyCCTV Software for FREE when you purchase 10 or more device licenses, which we can install and configure for you remotely. You can then purchase additional licenses as you need them, or purchase multiple licenses at a discounted cost and use when they are needed.

Each Pay as you Go license provides one year of status and operation monitoring once it is activated, and can be automatically renewed or deactivated at the end of the 12 month period, giving you flexibility when maintaining your CCTV installations.

As Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. explains “Recently, we have had many enquiries from CCTV Installers and businesses wanting to use our CheckMyCCTV status and operation monitoring solution, but perhaps only had a few sites to monitor so were put off by the upfront costs”

“Our new Pay as you Go licenses allows these customers to reduce the up-front costs by getting CheckMyCCTV software free of charge and paying only for the licenses they need.”

To find out more about CheckMyCCTV or the new Pay as you Go licenses or for a quote, contact CheckMySystems on +44 (0) 161 870 6137 or email us at info@nullcheckmysystems.com