FREE CheckMyCCTV Monitoring Station Starter Pack

FREE Monitoring Station Starter Pack

Monitored CCTV systems which are faulty, incorrectly configured, or have been tampered or vandalised, may prevent you from delivering the service your customers expect through no fault of your own.

By using CheckMyCCTV you can ensure all your monitored CCTV systems are operational when they’re needed most, giving your customers complete peace of mind they expect.

Over 12,000 CCTV systems are checked 24/7 using CheckMyCCTV, and for a limited time, accredited UK CCTV Monitoring Stations can get a FREE CheckMyCCTV Starter Pack, with everything you need to start offering your customers CCTV checking as part of your service.

Your FREE CheckMyCCTV Monitoring Station Starter pack includes:

  • CheckMyCCTV Monitoring Software.
  • 10 Device License Pack.
  • Your own company branding on the CheckMyCCTV Software, Emails and Web link.
  • A company branded flyer.
  • Remote installation and setup (if required).

For more information about CheckMyCCTV, and how it works, click HERE.

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Terms & Conditions
Offer only applies to UK based CCTV monitoring stations with NSI or SSAIB accreditation.
Only one application per Monitoring Station or Company.
Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
New customers only.
Compatible CCTV systems only. Full list HERE.
Offer expires 30st September 2017.