EMCS extends ‘CCTV Sentry’ health check service

CCTV Sentry from EMCSFollowing the successful launch of their CCTV Sentry health checking service,  EMCS, one of the UKs largest independent monitoring stations, has extended the service to cater for customers with unmonitored CCTV installations.

EMCS identified that faulty CCTV systems or network outages could impact the effectiveness of their monitoring service, as well as leaving their customers at risk.

CCTV Sentry was introduced by EMCS to help ensure the connections to their customers’ CCTV systems are operational 24/7 and the system is working as expected.

Mark Hewerdine, CCTV Manager at EMCS comments “As a reputable monitoring station, EMCS have to know that the CCTV equipment installed at a site is operating correctly, as a faulty or incorrectly configured CCTV system could mean the difference between an alarm activation being handled effectively or not”

“Our CCTV Sentry monitoring solution allows us to check the status of each CCTV system automatically, so we know when a system has a problem as it happens rather than after an incident occurs. We inform the installer of faults so they can be resolved in a timely manner”

“CCTV Sentry is available on all the main monitored CCTV platforms such as Xtralis Adpro, Dedicated Micros, Heitel, and Videcon, and Hikvision, and is now also available as a ‘stand-alone’ service for multi-site environments where an operational CCTV system is a necessity, such as retail, logistics, education, transportation, and critical infrastructure.”

Darren Rewston, Managing Director of CheckMySystems Ltd. adds “The success of the CCTV Sentry service from EMCS is testament to their commitment to raising standards in the monitoring market. By extending this service to customers with unmonitored network attached CCTV systems, EMCS can detect and report operation issues of CCTV installations whether they are a single CCTV system, to large multi-site or multi-location installations.”    

For more information about how EMCS can monitor the status and effectiveness of your CCTV installations, contact EMCS on 0800 716 179 or sales@nullemcs.co.uk