Dedicated Micros DVR remote reporting in a tick

CheckMyCCTV Dedicated MicrosFor the last 5 or so years, Dedicated Micros DVR products have had Remote Alarm Reporting capabilities built-in. Which means the DVR can be programmed to ‘dial-up’ a Remote Video Receiving Center (RVRC) when an alarm condition is activated.

As the majority of Dedicated Micros DVRs are configured only as a CCTV recorder, the remote reporting  function is often overlooked by installers, but it could be used to offer your customers a better service and increase your revenue streams from your existing or new installations.

What does this mean for installers?

In the current economic climate, it may be difficult for your customers to justify replacing a perfectly good CCTV system. If this is the case, you can use the remote reporting function built into Dedicated Micros DVRs to broaden your service portfolio and leverage more revenue streams from the CCTV systems they already have.

What does it mean for end-users?

For little or no upfront cost your customers’ CCTV cameras to be monitored by an RVRC, responding to alarm activations and liaising with the police or private response services to provide extra security. The RVRC can also provide services such as audio challenge, access control, concierge services, and two-way ‘help point’ audio.

How easy is it to set up remote reporting?

With Dedicated Micros ‘NetVu Connected’ DVRs, it’s as simple as connecting the DVR to the Internet , ticking a box in a web page, and filling in a few connection details. The RVRC will normally be able to advise you on how to set you connection up.

What Dedicated Micros products support remote reporting?

Pretty much any Dedicated Micros product manufactured in the past 5 years has remote reporting built-in, even the latest level entry Eco4 model. Check with your local Dedicated Micros office for a full list of compatible devices.

Which RVRCs can support Dedicated Micros remote reporting?

Most RVRCs can support Dedicated Micros products. The CheckMyCCTV Service Providers below can also monitor your customers’ CCTV systems to ensure they are operating correctly, automatically alert you to any issues with your customers’ installations from £1 a week. Contact them now to see how they can increase your service offering and revenue streams.

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